January 2019

Sales Channels

I’m having an interesting discussion with a company that I thought would be useful to share with the small business community, as it has to do with sales channels. I personally am channel “agnostic” and simply want to ensure the best channel(s) are implemented based on business needs. However,…

Value Based Sales

I’m often asked: “What exactly is Value Based Selling, and is it like SPIN, Sandler or any other ‘system’?” The simple answer is “no.” Value Based Selling, or VBS, is more of a strategy/philosophy than a system or a process. The challenge with systems is that every customer and…

December 2018

December 2018

Importance of Linking Business & Sales Strategies

I was recently speaking with a small manufacturer of instrumentation and discovered a disconnect between management’s expectations and individual goals. The company had recently rolled out a strategic initiative for creating a new revenue stream, something they firmly believed was an important part of their overall growth strategy. However,…


Hello, and welcome to Chicago Sales Strategies.This is the official launch of the site, and the official start of the business.  Whether you’re a business looking for assistance, a salesperson looking to improve themself, or just someone interested in what’s being said, Rick and all his associates welcome you.