Outsourced Sales consultant

Outsourced VP of Sales

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are running a small business and have an engineering, operations, or finance background; but your business lacks a dedicated sales manager.
  • You have a small sales team of less than ten people that you are managing yourself – in addition to all your other responsibilities.
  • You are addressing an underserved market segment with a compelling offering, yet you are still not experiencing the expected growth.
  • You have an established small business and are now focusing on growth; but you are finding that your existing plan, processes, and organization are holding you back.

The Choose Growth’s Outsourced VP of Sales program will address all of these issues, and many more. The program is designed specifically for businesses without a dedicated, full-time sales leader; typically, businesses between five and ten salespeople. Even if you have a sales manager in place, and that individual is doing a good job managing – are they a sales leader?

What makes a Sales Leader (vs. Sales Manager)?

  • A true business partner, working with you on business plans, sales plans, and your overall strategy.
  • Develops processes, organizational structures, and incentive plans – all the strategic items that need to be addressed in order to ensure successful implementation.
  • Drives a strategic recruiting process, ensuring that you not only have the best people for each role, but that you have the bench strength necessary for sustainable growth.

With our VP of Sales program, you will receive this as well as everything else discussed on our website – all at a price you can afford. Depending on business needs, the amount of involvement and therefore cost will vary; however, a typical engagement includes 8 hours/week over a 12- month period.

Outsourced Sales Consultants Chicago

What our VP of Sales program will offer you:

  • A professional sales leader at a price you can afford.
  • A multi-industry expert who will bring unique perspectives to problems, ensuring innovation; don’t settle for the same as everyone else in your industry.
  • Whether you have an existing sales plan in place or not, he/she will ensure your plan is comprehensive and strategic.

The goal of our program is for you to fire us!

That’s right – we aren’t satisfied unless your business has grown enough to justify and afford a full-time headcount.

Contact us today to arrange your no-cost discovery session. Most sessions are approximately one hour long, and the output will be immensely valuable: a high-level report summarizing your situation, our proposed solution(s), AND minimally one or two immediate actions that you can take to improve your situation – all this whether you choose to hire us or not! The only risk is one hour of your time – so give us a call.