- Discovery Sessions -
the Critical Starting Point

Why is Discovery so important?

Without having a basic understanding of where your business is and how it got there, there is no way to develop a well-thought-out proposal, let alone start real work. Choose Growth therefore insists on having a short Discovery Session (typically 1-hour), before submitting any meaningful proposal.

Sales Discovery Sessions Chicago

What to expect during your session

  • In order to create an open and meaningful environment, we typically like to have a bi-lateral NDA in place before the discussion. This is primarily for your comfort and protection, and while it’s not absolutely necessary, we have found it extremely helpful in opening lines of communication.
  • Get a better understanding of your industry and business particulars.
  • Review your current sales plan. Don’t worry if you don’t have a written plan (and certainly do not waste time writing one just in preparation for our session), all you need to do is answer questions.
    • This cannot be stressed enough – answer all questions based on the current reality, not where you’d like to be, where you thought you were, etc.… This is the time to be brutally honest with yourself (and us).
  • Open discussion on where you believe your biggest challenges are, and why.
  • Gain an understanding of your vision and where you would like to be in the near-term (3-5 years).

What will you get?

With this information in hand, additional research and years of experience; we will generate a Discovery Report. This document will include a summary of our findings, obstacles to be overcome and our suggested path(s) forward. In addition, there will be at least one or two immediately actionable items that you can address whether you hire us or not.

For the cost of 1-hour of your time, you can have your business reviewed by an independent sales professional, obstacles identified AND immediately actionable items to start improving your performance today – all without making ANY obligations to us.

What are you waiting for, contact us now!

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