Sales Audit

Better understanding how to improve sales

Without knowing where you are, you cannot determine the best path forward. This is why we strongly suggest a sales audit at the beginning of an engagement, especially important if you have an existing sales team. A sales audit will allow us to understand better where you are how you got there.

As we work primarily with smaller-sized businesses, many of which are budget-constrained, we offer two versions of our sales audit.

our sales audit report for you

Our basic audit comprises of:
  • Industry discussion to ensure your business and target market is correctly aligned
  • Review of your current business and sales plans to ensure alignment and completeness
  • Analysis of your sales structure
  • Discuss (and challenge) what you believe your most significant challenges are and why

With this information in hand, additional research, and years of experience, we will generate a Sales Audit Report. This document will summarize our findings, obstacles to be overcome, and our suggested path(s) forward. In addition, there will be at least one or two immediately actionable items that you can address whether you hire us or not.

This entry-level sales audit will typically occupy about one hour of your time.


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When Choose Growth starts a full engagement such as outsourced sales management, the business and sales plans are the cornerstones everything else is built upon. However, if you are confident in your ability to move things forward, we can be engaged on a project basis just to review, refine or develop your plans.


entire sales organization interview

Detailed review and analysis for the entire sales staff

Our advanced sales audit takes a deep dive into your existing sales organization to understand personalities, strengths & weaknesses, sales skills, and more.

Up to three online assessments, including detailed review and analysis for the entire sales staff and other key team members as deemed appropriate.

One-on-one interviews with the entire sales organization, select members of management, and any other resources deemed appropriate.

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Deep-dive into:
  • Sales Plan
  • Sales Organization
  • Comp and Incentives
  • Onboarding Process
  • Any Existing Training Programs
  • And more depending on specific business needs

The output of the Advanced Sales Audit will be a comprehensive report delivered via PowerPoint presentation.

Due to the comprehensive nature of the advanced sales audit, pricing is situation-specific. Contact us now for a free, no-obligation discovery session to get your business on the way to superior growth!

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