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What is the value of risk reduction during an acquisition?

While many of our service offerings are relevant to the Private Equity / VC world, this is designed just for those capital resource firms supporting the small business backbone of America.

Outsourced sales management, and everything that comes with it, is of obvious benefit to a PE backed portfolio. But what about businesses targeted for portfolio expansion?

  • How legitimate is the pipeline?
  • Have they just been riding a wave, or do they have a strategic, comprehensive sales plan in place?
  • What are their key value drivers (those intangibles that must not change once acquired)?
  • What processes and systems do they have in place (sales-related), and will significant changes be required to integrate into your portfolio fully?

What you will get when working with us.

To summarize the experience you get when you work with Choose Growth:

These are just some of the questions Choose Growth can answer, all without a full-time headcount commitment. Depending on your portfolio growth strategy, you can bring us in on a project-by-project basis. If you are looking to expand your portfolio actively, you may save money by retaining us.

  • Multi-industry background – we’ve had successes in industries as varied as medical devices, analytical instrumentation, capital equipment, infrastructure projects, life-safety systems, distribution, and professional services.
  • We’ve been successful on five continents, with tremendous expertise in Mainland China and the entire APAC region.
  • We’ve worked with start-ups up to Fortune 500 companies.
  • In addition to the years of sales leadership experience, we also have experience running P&L’s as high as $50M.


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