What we can do for your business

Increase Revenue

Anyone that’s taken BUSN 101 can tell you the easiest way to increase revenue is to lower prices. Unfortunately, this is only a successful strategy in very limited situations. We are going to help your business increase revenues without taking a hit in margins! In fact, our proven methods will likely increase revenue and margin percentages at the same time.

Keys to increasing revenue:

  • Comprehensive, strategic sales plan
  • Well defined target market
  • Value-Based Sales & Pricing
Increase Revenue
Improve Close Rates

Improve Close Rates

Why are close rates so important? There are a finite number of hours available in a day. If your sales team is spending too much time on opportunities that will not ultimately close, the sales efficiency of your business takes a big hit. The goal is to maximize the effectiveness of every minute your team is selling.


The number one key to improving close rates is having a well thought out qualification process and the discipline to commit to it – plus everything above.

Increase Margins

Our methods have proven to increase revenue and margins at the same time! Most business books will tell you to prioritize your goals and focus on either revenue OR margins – never concurrently. With our methods, your business never needs to make that difficult choice – yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Keys to increasing margins:

  • Well defined target market and the discipline to commit to it
  • Value-Based Sales & Pricing – make the pricing discussion an afterthought
  • Thorough understanding of customer’s needs
  • Thorough understanding of your business’s core competencies (know what you are selling!)
Increase Margins
Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Yes, you read that correctly, Choose Growth will help you reduce cost of sales at the same time we increase revenue and improve margins. By improving your close rates, we are increasing the efficiency of your sales organization – efficiency in sales is the same as efficiency in any other aspect of your business – get more done with less.

More Predictable Forecasting

As you are growing your business, you will likely find that:

  • The accuracy of your forecasting is dismal
  • Lack of accurate forecasting is limiting your ability to grow

The Crystal Ball – no matter what processes are in place there is always going to be some fortune telling. There’s no way to eliminate the crystal ball completely, however by utilizing our methods, you can greatly reduce the impact of that ball on your overall forecast.

Keys to improve forecasting:

  • Strategic, comprehensive sales plan
  • Clearly defined target market
  • Carefully thought out qualification process

With more predictable forecasting in place, you will be more comfortable making investments for the future.