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1. Value-Based Sales & Pricing (VBS)

Value-Based Sales is not just another sales ‘program’ disguised with different vocabulary to sound unique (we won’t call them out here, but all washers have a ‘spin’ cycle). It’s unique because it is a strategy, not a program. VBS takes terms such as investigative sales or consultative sales and pushes them one or two steps further – to monetizing value. Once value is properly monetized, pricing discussions become an afterthought – not a central focus.

The other significant difference between our strategy and the others is that with VBS, before you even start the questioning process you must have a thorough understanding of what you are selling. Or, more appropriately, you must understand what your customers are buying (hint: this likely has little to do with any actual product or service).

Just as in consultative or investigative sales, asking questions and genuinely listening to answers – answers that will drive additional questions – is critical to success. Once you understand the root cause to your prospect’s problem(s), your job is to craft the best solution possible using your company’s core strengths (i.e., what you are selling).

That’s where most ‘processes’ stop – you’ve developed your value proposition, go get the order! VBS is different; you aren’t done until you’ve been able to put that value into tangible terms – money. Once you’ve been able to help your customer see the value in real, tangible terms, they literally ‘close themselves’. You then have the power to choose higher margins or a more balanced approach – you are in control!

The hidden key to success with this strategy is developing a relationship with your customer based upon trust. The inability to do so is, in fact, where most failures occur. Customers can tell if you are genuinely interested in solving their issues, or if you’re just going through the process to get to an order. After asking a question, your number one priority is to listen – genuinely listen. Don’t start thinking about your response or go through product/service knowledge to develop a solution – there will be time enough for that later. No matter how good of an actor you think you are, customers can tell almost immediately if you are genuinely listening.
For more information on Choose Growth’s approach to Value-Based Sales and Pricing download a sample presentation.

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2. General Sales Training

Perhaps you have a junior team, or you are onboarding a new rep – we can start with the very basics (such as sales cycles) and develop your talent from there. As all our sales training focuses on what the customer is buying, it doesn’t matter if you are a manufacturer or a service provider – your customer is buying solutions to problems.
Some specific areas of focus:

● Tactical sales auditing and organizational assessments
● Programs that develop and train the sales management force
● Creating parallel goals and objectives between sales professionals and the organizations they work for
● Mentoring the sales staff and management staff and designing custom programs to help meet set goals and objectives
● Developing a new and elite sales process that revolves around a performance driven team
● Consulting and further mentoring the entire organization and sales force to improve interconnectedness and stabilize your process
● Breaking down problems into their simplest forms to create effective solutions

3. Coaching

We at Choose Growth recognize the immense value of coaching for all of our training programs. Sales is far too dynamic to go from the classroom to the world without requiring some support along the way. These sessions are generally 1 hour/week for a period of 3 months; but they can of course be modified for your situation and needs. In our coaching sessions, we help your team work through real-world situations and learn how to apply their knowledge and resources in a constantly changing environment.

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Additional Training/Coaching Services

4. Additional Training/Coaching Services

Choose Growth has entered into a partnership with the renowned Sales Coaching Institute, and through this relationship we maintain unlimited access to all oftheir resources, including Doug Dvorak himself. What this means for you:

● Online sales assessments: Sales Success Insights Assessment & Sales Skills Index Assessment
● Online training program
● Vast library of White Papers and eBooks
● Knowledge base from an internationally renowned organization built up over the past 18 years

We believe in your success and are committed to supporting you along the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about our coaching and training resources, all aimed at providing you and your team with the skills, knowledge, and resources to achieve your desired outcomes.