The Importance of Value Based Sales

Dear Readers,

Wow, how time flies- I almost missed this post!

I was on the phone earlier today with a partner (a keynote speaker, sales trainer and owner of a SEO company) discussing the different services Chicago Sales Strategies offers. He  immediately asked me for my Value Based Sales workshop slidedeck when I mentioned I provided this service. We went on with our discussion and I sent him the presentation as soon as we hung up (I really do try not to multitask when I’m communicating with a partner or client).

Within minutes of sending it, he called me again to say that not only was the deck truly impressive, but that it got him thinking about how to get me involved in some of the current services he’s offering. Coming from someone who has been to 116 countries as a sales trainer and keynote speaker, I have to admit I felt good about myself (and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!).

But, being a realist, I figured that there had to be more than just my abilities that he was looking for – and I was right. The reality is that having a sales organization that embraces the concepts of Value Based Sales & Pricing is truly a competitive advantage – and with my partner’s 25 years in business – he knows this to be true! So it makes sense that he got excited when he saw a consulting company that ‘gets it’.

What do I mean by ‘get it’? It certainly includes being a subject matter expert in any service they provide, but more importantly, includes implementation and execution in everything we do.

I don’t mean for this post to be shameless self-promotion. But something that truly excites me is when someone as experienced and recognized as my partner is, acknowledges the importance of and my expertise in something as critical as Value Based Sales.

You can download your own copy of the slidedeck here!

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